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Fuba Automotive Electronics is a worldwide market leading tier 1 supplier of automotive reception systems. This includes the entire product portfolio ranging from entry audio antennas up to complex antennas with multiple services and future Car2Car applications. Further to this the company can provide sophisticated tuner design including digital audio broadcasting and television.

The company has a proven history of industry leading innovations and awards for the last 46 years. With our design made in Germany we are able to support our customers with individually tailored solution to optimize the reception performance in the car. This provides your end-user continuously with the best possible reception quality.
Fuba has developed solutions to match the customers styling requirements with optimizing the reception quality of the vehicle. Depending on the customer design, we can offer a broad range of visible and invisible antennas in the car.

It is our clear commitment to support our customers worldwide. Our global production capabilities include plants in Europe (Germany), China (Suzhou) and Mexico. Our in-house production covers all relevant processes, including electronics production (SMT), final assembly and testing.
Our engineering footprint is set-up for global customer support. We support the European customers from our headquarter in Germany. The markets of China and North America are support with local application engineering as well as vehicle testing capabilities. A pool of more than 450 patents worldwide enables us to provide industry leading edge technology to our customers.

Our in-house testing and validation capabilities support the development process. Unique in the industry, Fuba Automotive Electronics features the only worldwide measurement field in Bad Salzdetfurth (Germany), where 3D satellite technology can be measured. This set-up simulates real life scenarios similar to day to day usage and result in outstanding reception quality.

In total more than 400 employees worldwide are dedicated to provide the best service to our customers. Our mission is to provide leading edge of technology products with outstanding quality.

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